Yutaro Matsuura

"I've been here twice. Very unique, but relaxing and decadent experience. I have been to Russia once and this place is filled with reminders from my trip. Please take a moment to look at the photos of the food I have posted. Every bite, delicious and clearly prepared with care. I can't post the bath house area photos as pictures are prohibited, but there are varying levels or heat and cold with massages and scrubs available for a little extra. The sensation of going from a scorching steam sauna to an ice bath is indescribable and invigorating. The whole evening with bath access and food cost me around $85 (I was the designated driver), but drinking is allowed in the bath lounge area. Mind you, you can spend the entire day there and even take a nap. To dive into another culture without the actual travel is difficult, but this place allows you to vanish from Chicago into Russia."

Ashly Gaudette

"Amazing spa I’m here now finishing my spa day with a cappuccino and beat salad. It’s st Patrick’s day so the place is empty which I hear is unusual but services were amazing, my skin feels great and I’m relaxed. Very clean everyone treated me friendly."

Kathrine Fedorova

"I want to begin by thanking the staff here because the customer service provided at Red Square Spa has always been amazing. Edward is definitely a strong asset on the team, not only for the way he serves and bartends, but for being respectful, easy to talk to, and for having an overall positive attitude. The design of the restaurant portion of the upstairs is a replica of the inside of a room in an Eastern European train; I felt as if I were travelling from Kyiv to Lviv! As for the food, Red Square definitely has one of the best tasting borschts in Chicago. Also, their shishkabobs, Ukrainian salo, and cake Napoleon were appetizing. I look forward to coming back and enjoying the sauna, food, and inviting atmosphere!"

Jeremy Deming

"Excellent authentic experience. Facilities are kept very clean and its a welcoming space. Make sure you keep it authentic and don't be shy; Its about relaxing and treating yourself to a peaceful and rejuvenating time. Excellent for soaking sore muscles and sweating a bit. I went for my sore neck and achy back and after several soaks in the 4ft deep hot water, dips in the cold bath, time in the sauna and a fantastic soapy wash and authentic leaf platza (smacked firmly over the whole nude body whilst in the sauna with therapeutic leafs) treatment I felt much fantastic. I left feeling relaxed and renewed. The food is also tasty! I tried the Imperial vodka and its very smooth. Highly recommended! I will be back!"

Kyle Radon

"We were the only people there that spoke English as a first language. Incredibly friendly staff, all from Russia or former USSR satellites. Great verity of baths and saunas. Co-ed space as well. Restaurant with great Russian food, nice bar with plenty of vodka."

Gwen Goldfish

"This place is wonderful! Spa, wet sauna, dry sauna, and drinks brought to you wherever you are in the spa. I highly recommend the Gentleman's Day as it's a great way to spend the afternoon as a Treat yo'self day or with a friend. Nikoli especially is an amazing massage therapist and will leave you feeling like a million bucks! Also, the cafe serves really good food!"